Water Activated Tapes

Carton box are commonly sealed by using plastic tapes commonly known as OPP tapes made of polypropylene. Most of the plastic tapes are not recycleable where it is needed to be stripped off before sending to the recycling process.

In the purse of sustainable packaging, Paper tapes had been seen increasing be preferred over plastic tapes, as they are made of paper, which can be recycled together with the carton boxes.

Paper Gummed Tapes or Water Activated tapes that are made of paper and a layer of starch based adhesive. The adhesive becomes sticky when wet bonds with the carton paper surface provide the sealing properties needed.

Benefits of paper gummed tapes


The strong bonding between the tapes and the contact surface often will shows damages to the carton boxes when being attempted to be separated apart.

Brand Printing and better presentation

Brand logo or customize message can be printed on the paper tapes for creating better packaging presentation and brand awareness.

NT-AT Automatic Paper gummed tape dispenser

Machine feature

  • Foot pedal activation for hands free operations
  • One touch dispensing
  • Customisable of tape dispensing length from 150 – 2100m length
  • Safety interlock: machine power off when cover is opened
  • Certificate: CE, PSE
  • Multimode function:
    1. Single-mode: Select different lengths to produce the selected length of tape.
    2. Automatic mode: Select one length and all the rest with the same length to be produced automatically.
    3. Fixed mode: Select several different sizes and produce the tapes as per the setting order.
    4. Manual Mode: Long Press Production Tape


Machine Specification

  • Speed: 300mm/s
  • Power connection: Single phase, 220V, 50Hz, 200W
  • Tape width: 40 to 80mm
  • Machine dimension and weight: L477 x W325 x H290, 16kg