Bl Bagline Compacta/ Compact Easy

The COMPACTA Line bagging machines are tubular FFS machines, representing our medium/ high performance models. They have been conceived to be basic and cost effective without giving-up quality and reliability, with the easy maintenance typical of the bag pendulum transport. They can be accessorized with different feeding and weighing systems, allowing for the bagging of many different materials, such as:  sand, gravel, salt, fertilizers animal feed, seeds, granulated plastic, wood pellets, etc. Each product is handled with all necessary care to grant the reliability of a constant output. A large variety of accessories complete the machines, making them suitable to meet all product specifications and client’s needs.


  • Mechanical Speed: up to 2400 bags per hour
  • Bag volume: 10 to 80 liters
  • Full bag length: 350 mm to 750 mm
  • Max Reel Diameter: 1500mm
  • Film Thickness: 80 to 220 μm
  • Compressed Air consumption per cycle at 6 bar: 70/130 NL
  • Installed Power: 16.5 to 30kW

Bagging Machine COMPACTA EASY up to 1400 B/H

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